Baby’s First Lift Kit

Like many of his kind, Yooper Stewart loves trucks, but he is very finicky about what he drives. He prefers the body style of the late 80s Toyota 4Runner (with the removable top). He’s owned two since we’ve been married.┬áThe problem with a late 80s ‘Yota in 2011 is that you can’t find one with less than 190,000. That didn’t stop YS, though. He bought this one because it not only has the Bikini Top, but also a lift kit.

The most recent 4Runner, sporting a Bikini Top.

The lift kit is cool, but a bit unpractical, and not at all fuel efficient. In the world of YS, however, it’s a big draw. It’s so spectacular, in fact, that it doesn’t just apply to trucks. There is apparently no inappropriate use of a lift kit. As evidence, I give you exhibit A – the wagon.

This rusted out, beat up, one-sided Radio Flyer touches my hubby’s heart because love is blind. Yooper Stewart doesn’t see the lil’ wagon’s faults – he only sees big wheels. We often take returnables to the store, so the lil’ wagon comes with us. I could tell you all about it, but I’ll let YS do that. (It was a windy day, so it’s a bit noisy)


(At the end there, he’s explaining the importance of having the big tires and lift kit…sorry you can’t hear it)