Christmas Wrap Up

It’s time for another Yooper Stewart post. I asked YS what I should post about this month … he stared at me like I’d just suggested he wear pink lace. Seriously.

I know it’s a little late, but here’s a look at YS’s Christmas. Like every year, December was crazy. No single event stands out as the humorous episode of the month, so I decided to just show you some of his recent holiday shenanigans.


This is YS with our nephew, Butter Bean. BB lives in the big city, and his dad is a city boy. It’s up to YS to make sure BB understands the subtle differences between Mossy Oak and Realtree.


Yooper Stewart also took time to play with our niece, Pudding Cup. Not having spent much time around kids, YS always learns something new when we’re with BB and PC. For instance, this day he learned how to play board games – roll the dice, move where ever you want. Pick cards at random. Repeat. Everyone has fun and no one loses.


Me and my man. At Christmas he takes time away from his camo to don a t-shirt we bought while on our honeymoon at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party.


One of my family’s Christmas traditions is Chex Mix. My mom used to fill a five gallon tub with it (no exaggeration – ask my high school friends). PC and YS seem to enjoy this holiday treat, too.


The Bellagio! If you ever make it to Vegas, stop in at the Bellagio to check out their atrium. Beautiful! We’ve never been there at Christmas before, so this was the first time we got to enjoy their decorations.


The last night – we tried desperately to get a nice picture, but a 6 year-old and a 4 year-old make that difficult (and highly entertaining!).


We did managed one decent shot (sans Butter Bean). Yooper Stewart has this thing about his eyes being closed in photos. You get used to it.