Sunbathing, Redneck Style

Without question, one of the most common arguments between Yooper Stewart and me is the eternal debate: keep or trash. I have some rules about keeping things – if you use it, keep it. If, however, I haven’t worn a shirt in a year, ever used a kitchen utensil, or cringe when I look at a pair of shoes, I trash them (don’t freak out – trash usually means donate).

Yooper Stewart sees things differently. He has his favorite shirt from high school – it’ll be in style again in another 10-15 years. If there’s an appliance by the side of the road, he’ll pick it up to scrap for parts someday (which usually translates into never). He has a sentimental attachment to everything he’s ever owned, and he can see the value in everything.

Last year we bought a sectional. That meant getting rid of our couch and loveseat. The couch was easy. The loveseat … surprisingly no one wanted an old, ripped, faux-leather dual-reclining loveseat covered in cat scratches. The resale shop didn’t even want it. That worked well for YS – he wanted the loveseat for his garage.

Here’s the problem with a dual reclining loveseat. It weighs a ton. He enjoyed having a place to sit, but it kept getting in the way. Enter the wheels. With a few bolts and a DeWalt drill, Yooper Stewart mounted the loveseat. It worked great during the winter months. Now that it’s warm?

DSC00671Oh yeah … relaxing in the sun, Yooper Stewart-style.