The Great Kitty Caper

Weekends at our house always include two things: a lot of work and a lot of rest. Yooper Stewart takes his Sabbath rest very seriously. Sometimes I worry that he’d leave the car stranded by the side of the road if it broke down on his day of rest. I never used to think too much about resting, but since I’ve been married I’ve come to appreciate a day to relax.

It doesn’t matter if we rest on Saturday or Sunday, so long as we take a day off. That day usually starts the same way – with YS taking his time getting out of bed.

It’s become his ritual. I usually bring him some coffee or cereal around 9 a.m. He shimmies himself up the wall enough so he can eat or drink without making a mess. Then he grabs his laptop for an hour or two of uninterrupted Yooper Stewart web surfing (usually involving Legos, car, and/or recycling).

Since the bed is the natural daytime habitat for Bucket and Midgie, they always join YS. Midgie, however, particularly enjoys human companionship in bed – especially in the fall and winter.

This is a typical morning-of-rest at the YS home:

Bucket, Matt…Midgie?

Here I am!

Well there she is! But how did we find her? It’s the Great Kitty Caper of 2011…