His Green Thumb

When Yooper Stewart was younger, he fell in love with plants. He told me all about it on our first date. I’d tell you more, but it nearly bored me out of a second date. I didn’t really care about how he got started. I did “get” the point though – Yooper likes foliage and he knows a lot about it.

Last year one of our friends cleared out her garden and donated many, many plants to ours. Yooper was thrilled. I was realistic. She has about an acre garden. We have roughly 20 feet of garden space. Perfect fit, eh?

When we first moved the plants, they weren’t all that thrilled. This summer, however, they’re recovering. Here’s a little peek at our garden, in all of its cramped, crowded glory.

Compliments, Yooper Stewart Style

Me: “Honey, do I look nice today?”

YS: “Yes. I really like your necklace. It’s a happy necklace.”

Me: “Do I need to shave?”

YS: “No, you’re Polish.”

Me: (upon serving YS his second large helping of casserole) “So, you like this recipe?”

YS: “It’s okay, but I wouldn’t make it again.”

YS: (upon seeing an older woman with very large hair) “Whoa! She could be on Christian television!”