Baby’s First Lift Kit

Like many of his kind, Yooper Stewart loves trucks, but he is very finicky about what he drives. He prefers the body style of the late 80s Toyota 4Runner (with the removable top). He’s owned two since we’ve been married. The problem with a late 80s ‘Yota in 2011 is that you can’t find one with less than 190,000. That didn’t stop YS, though. He bought this one because it not only has the Bikini Top, but also a lift kit.

The most recent 4Runner, sporting a Bikini Top.

The lift kit is cool, but a bit unpractical, and not at all fuel efficient. In the world of YS, however, it’s a big draw. It’s so spectacular, in fact, that it doesn’t just apply to trucks. There is apparently no inappropriate use of a lift kit. As evidence, I give you exhibit A – the wagon.

This rusted out, beat up, one-sided Radio Flyer touches my hubby’s heart because love is blind. Yooper Stewart doesn’t see the lil’ wagon’s faults – he only sees big wheels. We often take returnables to the store, so the lil’ wagon comes with us. I could tell you all about it, but I’ll let YS do that. (It was a windy day, so it’s a bit noisy)


(At the end there, he’s explaining the importance of having the big tires and lift kit…sorry you can’t hear it)


Who Needs Toys?

Before he met me, Yooper Stewart didn’t fully appreciate the joys of cat-ownership. Since we’ve been married, he’s not only learned to love the feline world, he’s added his very own YS touch to everything kitty cat.

His first influence – the name. I really wanted to get a second cat to keep our first cat company. Years ago my parents got a second cat and my dad got to name it. I made the same deal with YS – if he’d agree to another cat, he could name it. Knowing YS as I do, I didn’t actually give him free-reign over the cat name. I asked him to give me a list and we could pick out a winner together.

With a list that included such beauties as Butt Licker, Poo Slinger, and Dingleberry, it’s no surprise that our cat’s name is Bucket.

You’d think that name would be enough to set Bucket against YS for the rest of his life, but Bucket is a lover (and not too bright).

Bucket, enjoying the cool wood of my piano

YS is Bucket’s favorite person in the world. He even gets jealous when YS and I talk after being gone all day. You see, Bucket thinks he should be the first person YS talks to. If YS and I try to converse before Bucket has received adequate attention, he will meow only when I start talking. He’s a jealous, jealous boy.

One of Bucket’s favorite times of the days is Dental Hygiene Time. Many, many moons ago, YS thought it would be fun to let Bucket play with the dental floss after he finished flossing. That brilliant idea led to this:

Bucket, watching and waiting for the flossing to end.

Bucket recognizes the ZIP of the floss as you pull it out of the container. He usually follows us around, jumping onto counters and dressers to keep the floss in sight. YS decided to make it easier on Bucket, so they now sit on the floor together.

Just checking it out...

Midgie doesn’t care so much about the floss, but any time it looks like someone might be playing without her, she has to check it out. Once the floss is out, however, it’s all Bucket:

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that YS taught Bucket the fine are of floss-chasing. It’s kinda gross. It’s somewhat annoying. And it’s the best explanation I have as to why there’s dental floss all over the floor.

I’m not going to try to explain how the Floss Fight works. I’ll let you watch it for yourself. Notice Midgie’s excitement (it mimic’s my own). (Please excuse the mess – we were packing to head out of town).