Duck Dynasty: Yooper Stewart Finds His People

This past September Yooper Stewart and I experienced a first in our married life – we got cable. As soon as we did, my dad called, “You’ve got to watch Duck Dynasty…YS will love it.”

I wasn’t convinced, since YS isn’t a duck hunter, but I decided to give it a try. Oh dear Lord – I think I’m married to the lost Robertson. Let’s compare, shall we?

– Facial hair: they all like lots of it (lucky for me, YS gets bored easily and likes to shave to change things up).

– Heavy equipment: for crying out loud, Phil owns his own front end loader. If we could afford one, I’m sure Yooper Stewart would find an excuse to buy one. As it is, we have commercial grade lawn equipment for our 1/8 acre yard.

– Short attention span theater: like the guys in the duck call building room, YS is easily distracted by shiny, moving things. I can’t imagine how much these guys could accomplish if they stayed focus, but – look, an ATV!

– Camouflage: these guys share the same taste in clothing. Don’t believe me? Check out my previous posts here and here.

– At home outside: the Robertson’s can’t seem to get outside fast enough. In northern Michigan it’s not as easy to go out year round, but YS makes do – he sometimes opts to sleep on the couch “because it sort of feels like camping.”

– Family: Miss Kay asks for something, her boys respond. My mother-in-law calls, YS answers. Love and respect – sexy.

– Faith: Phil and my father-in-law have it together, but the Robertsons seem to have the same understanding that my husband does – that our we owe it all to our Heavenly Father.

The similarities between my husband and the Robertsons amazes me. Sometimes I watch that show and wonder if somehow YS ended up with Duck Dynasty DNA. Other times I watch it and pray that YS will miss an episode so he doesn’t get any crazy ideas!