Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Baby hair!

It’s come to my attention that my super-stylish, beyond-adorable nephew, Butter Bean, wants a buzz cut. This breaks my heart. The kid has amazing hair. He had the crazy baby curls for about two years, but then his parents decided they were a bit of a hassle. A sad day for me, but I guess I understand.

It definitely made it easier when BB came home as GQ Butter Bean. Watch out ladies, this guy’s got “the look!” He called this his spiky hair, and for a while he’d grab a brush and try to push his hair into the faux hawk. When you’ve got great hair like this, use it!

Now, however, Butter Bean want to shave off his hair. Now that he’s four he’s got life figured out, 072and he wants to look like his grandpa (who is quite … folically challenged). Ugh. He also lives near an Air Force base. He saw some soldiers and decided he wanted a hair cut like them. Well, okay, that’s cute.

Butter Bean, here’s the deal. I understand your desire to rid yourself of your beautiful hair. Yooper Stewart did the same thing. My curly, highlighted hubby shaved it all off for a chance to drive a front end loader (at least your motives are a little more admirable). If you must shave your head, here’s how to do it Yooper Stewart-style: (DISCLAIMER: Aunt Karin was on hand and supervised the hair cutting. Please do not try this without at least Aunt Mimi’s supervision.)

Shave carefully ...

Shave carefully …

... but don't forget to smile for the camera!

… but don’t forget to smile for the camera!

Viola! Buzz cut perfection!

Viola! Buzz cut perfection!