The Unfinished House

House hunting with Yooper Stewart really amplified our differences. He loved dilapidated houses with lots of out buildings. I wanted something with a working bathroom and windows. While we could both imagine the finished home, we couldn’t agree on how we wanted to get it. He once spent a month without a kitchen as he microwaved meals in the bedroom and washed dishes in the bathtub. I don’t mind the thought of renovating, but I flat out refuse to live in home where the cat lives more luxuriously then me. Put everything in its place, then I’ll move in.

With that in mind, here were are – a half finished Web site. I’m THRILLED to have dropped the, but we haven’t quite worked out all of the bugs yet. Some day soon I’ll know how to italicize and add pictures, but right now I’m back in the land of the Commodore 64 and dot matrix printer – I get what I get, no frills or ribbons.

As much as I hate an unfinished house, I can deal with it (for now). I have a drive full of pictures and stories to share as soon as I can get them to you. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. If you need to use the bathroom, YS has a nice private spot behind the garage that you can use (we’ll get that fixed – I promise!).