Those beautiful blue eyes…

I know that I’m biased, but Yooper Stewart has the most beautiful blue eyes, not that you’d ever notice. Between the crazy hair and the caveman beard you can’t always see those peepers. One time when you will most definitely not┬ásee them is in a photo. The pros can usually get him with his eyes open, but I’ve never had any luck (that’s why I pay them the big money).

This post wasn’t intended to be about Yooper’s photographic disability – I only wanted to show you the before and after pictures from one of his haircuts. While trying to get the before picture, however, I ran into some problems.

Okay Matt, smile!

Um, no. Let’s try this again. I’ll turn off the flash. Now, smile!

Yeah, that’s not going to work either. Let me see if I can figure anything out. You take a break (and I’ll sneak in a photo while you’re drinking!)

Well that didn’t work. Okay, just act natural. Let’s talk. How’s the coffee? Maybe if I surprise -GOTCHA!

Wow. Thanks for nothing. Let’s just cut your hair…