Yooper Stewart Saves the Day

Apologies for the hiatus. Yooper Stewart and I have both been busy, and it didn’t take long for the days, weeks, months to get away from us! After several months of silence, I put some pressure on YS – give me a story or get out of the house! (Not really, but I may have bribed him with tacos.) Unfortunately, he’s not the best communicator, so that conversation went something like:

Me: Tell me something interesting that’s happened recently.
Yooper Stewart: Um…

Eventually I got a few stories out of him but I won’t lie – they weren’t exactly interesting, but they were typical. Drivers in compact cars with death wishes cutting him off. Loading dock workers waking him up two hours early to unload his truck. Snow storms delaying his travel. Nothing noteworthy.

And then he opened with this line: I saved a trucker today.

Ding, ding! That sounded like a great story!

I’ll let you decide.

YS: I saved a trucker today.
Me: (impressed) Really, what happened?
YS: I backed into a dock–
Me: And saw a guy pinned behind a truck?
YS: No, I noticed his tire was off the rim–
Me: And the trailer was falling so you pushed him out of the way and to safety?
YS: No, I went over and pointed it out to him. I told him he might want to check the rest of his tires.
Me: That’s it?
YS: Yeah.
Me: I thought you were going to say you held up a trailer so some guy could escape. Let’s tell people that. It’s a better story.


On the plus side, I asked him to send some pictures to share. This is what he sent.

Life with Yooper Stewart is certainly not boring! I’ll try to get more stories out of him over the next few months but I can’t make any promises about the pictures.