An ordinary, everyday shopping back.

Finding a Kohl’s bag at my house is as common as finding a chair at anybody else’s house. I like to shop, and I like to bargain shop even more, so Kohl’s is the place for me. I have their bags in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find them in various closets and in the car.  I often reuse them for garbage bags or to haul stuff away. There are, after all, just bags…but not if you’re Yooper Stewart. If you’re Yooper Stewart, a Kohl’s bag is anything you want it to be.

Case in point – food storage:

Nothing quite ordinary about it...

One day YS had the chance to take home a large leftover salad. The salad came in it’s own lidded bowl, but we were going to church and the bowl wouldn’t fit in the mini-fridge. Not a problem. One of YS’s greatest gifts is his problem solving ability. All he had to do was find a smaller salad container. Enter the Kohl’s bag. I had to give him props – it was a pretty smart plan. I figured we’d get home and transport the salad to a more appropriate container.

Who was I kidding?

The Yooper Stewart way.

Do you see the smile on his face? Can’t you just sense his glee at creating his own brand of storage containers? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Yooperware.

The salad stayed in the bag for two days as we enjoyed our salad. Though I wouldn’t have picked a Kohl’s bag for the leftovers, I have to admit that clean up was a snap – just tie and toss. He’s so creative.

I’m just really hoping that next week he doesn’t try to bring home leftover hot chocolate…