The Great Outdoors, Yooper Stewart Style

Here it is – Yooper Stewart’s garden!I have no idea why there’s a rubber mat on the mulch, and I couldn’t tell you where anything is in the mulch, but I know there’s a garden in there somewhere (I haven’t volunteered to do any weeding because I’m afraid I’ll pull out my tomatoes …). This is just the first section of garden. We don’t actually have a lot of sunny space on our .19 acres, so we’re going to have to get creative.


In the meantime, plants are waiting their turns to get into the ground. Once again, I have no idea what these are. I do know that YS got a little carried away this year and we have TONS of veggies: 4-5 kinds of tomatoes, red peppers, mixed color peppers, sugar peas, zucchini, summer squash, acorn squash, pumpkins, corn, beans.


There are strawberries in the back. Yooper Stewart has a serious hasta fetish, so there’s another one (we already have four in the front yard – variegated and sum and substance). I don’t know what the wilty, purply thing is in front.

I’m a little concerned that there are so many plants still not in the ground, but YS continues to remind me that he’s the certified Master Gardener, not me. I’ll have to trust him.

In other outdoor maintenance news, there are a couple of holes that need to be filled in our roof to keep the squirrels out. This is YS’s temporary relief effort – yes, that’s a rat trap and a V-8 bottle. We’re so high-tech